My Kansas

Back in 2011, the Kansas Department of Commerce, Travel and Tourism Division, published a spectacular 160-page collection of best-of-Kansas scenes by the best Kansas photographers. This book, My Kansas: A Photographic Journey Across the Sunflower State, may now be easier to borrow than to buy. But if you can find a copy, by all meansContinue reading “My Kansas”

Winkler Crater: A Kimberly Pipe in Kansas

Winkler Crater is located near the town of Winkler in northern Riley County. It has long fascinated the locals, since it is perfectly round and 950 feet across. Its surface is covered by grass and trees and crossed by streams. Throughout the 1960s, scientists speculated that the crater was caused by a falling meteorite. ThisContinue reading “Winkler Crater: A Kimberly Pipe in Kansas”