Kansas Bird Checklists

If you plan on doing any birdwatching in Kansas this Memorial Day weekend, equip yourself with a checklist first. The Kansas Ornithological Society offers free PDF downloads of the following checklists: Kansas birds. Kansas birds with scientific names and taxonomy. Birds by county. County bird checklists combined into one document. Also, be sure to see…

Bouvier des Flandres

Dog experts disagree on the history of the Bouvier des Flandres. All we know for certain is that, from time immemorial, sturdy cattle dogs lived and worked in the Flanders region of Belgium and on the northern plains of France. What types of dogs went into the gene pool is mostly unknown. Some monks at…

Seeds From the Tombs

Can seeds from Ancient Egypt germinate thousands of years later? Scientists still debate the question.


If you enjoy research and writing, you are probably always on the lookout for a better way to keep track of information. Scrivener is an outstanding program that can help. As for telling you what Scrivener can do, it’s hard for us to know where to start, since it can do so much. First off,…

Border Collie

Most of the herding dogs of the British Isles trace back to a common ancestor—the big, black-and-tan mastiffs brought by Julius Caesar around 55 BC to guard and drive livestock to feed the Roman army. Of course, British and Scottish sheepdogs do not look much like mastiffs. This is owing to the influence of small…

The Kansas Gold Rush

Pike’s Peak and the Colorado Gold Rush—topics that are familiar to many. But did you know that Colorado Gold Rush is something of a misnomer? At the time, the gold rush was simply called the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, also a misnomer since the gold fields were about 85 miles north of the famous mountain….

10 Handy Weather Resources

Do you want to get better acquainted with the weather? Perhaps you just need to know the average precipitation for your area or when to expect the last frost of the season. Or maybe you’re a little more ambitious—you would like to be able to predict the weather over the next 24 hours or so….


The Beagle is a breed old enough to have its origins shrouded in mystery. We know for certain that, when the Romans arrived in the British Isles soon after the birth of Christ, they found small hounds already employed in hunting. About a thousand years later, William the Conqueror and his Norman soldiers brought along…

What is a Landrace Breed?

A landrace is a group of genetically related animals unique to a given geographical area. Landraces come about over time as animals within the area interbreed for many generations with relatively little outside influence. The fact that all of the animals within the population descend from the same set of ancestors, whether those ancestors came…

Ephesians: A Devotional Commentary

Ephesians: A Devotional Commentary by F.B. Meyer offers an interesting way to dig deeper into this brief epistle. The commentary is centered around 15 key words, phrases, and concepts: The Father. The Father’s wealth. In Him. Created in Him. The heavenly places. Love on God’s side. Love on our side. The Holy Spirit. Filled. Power….