Ephesians: A Devotional Commentary

Ephesians: A Devotional Commentary by F.B. Meyer offers an interesting way to dig deeper into this brief epistle.

The commentary is centered around 15 key words, phrases, and concepts:

  • The Father.
  • The Father’s wealth.
  • In Him.
  • Created in Him.
  • The heavenly places.
  • Love on God’s side.
  • Love on our side.
  • The Holy Spirit.
  • Filled.
  • Power.
  • The church.
  • The reciprocal inheritance.
  • Man in Christ.
  • Our walk.
  • The Christian armed.

For every phrase or concept, Meyer searches through Ephesians verse by verse, listing and briefly expounding on each verse that treats of the subject at hand. The result is an enriched understanding of the key themes of this little book.

Even though Ephesians: A Devotional Commentary is now in the public domain, free digital copies seem to be hard to come by, probably since it was originally part of a larger work. However, it can be downloaded in the following formats: