If you enjoy research and writing, you are probably always on the lookout for a better way to keep track of information. Scrivener is an outstanding program that can help.

As for telling you what Scrivener can do, it’s hard for us to know where to start, since it can do so much.

First off, Scrivener is an excellent way to organize research materials. You can import a variety of files of use to you, including photos, audio clips, and PDF documents. You can also take your own research notes. Even though these important research materials are gathered into one document with your paper or manuscript, they can be compiled separately. More on that in a moment.


Because of the different viewing options available to you, it is very easy to read your notes as you type your manuscript. You can even add internal or external references as you go.


Organizing a manuscript is suddenly very easy, especially with the included templates for both fiction and nonfiction works. A folder titled “Manuscript” contains your work. You can add any number of subfolders for chapters and sections. Index cards can hold synopses for each chapter and section. Need to reorganize your work? Just move text and folders around in the binder, or go to the corkboard for a really user-friendly view of the project.

Tracking goals is easy, too. Set up word-count targets per manuscript, document, or session. Mark the status of each chapter or section as you go.

When it comes time to output your work, Scrivener’s compile settings are extraordinarily flexible. Select which parts of your manuscript you want to export. Format text, headings, and footnotes to achieve your desired look. Then save your work in a variety of formats, including:

  • PDF.
  • Word document.
  • Open document format.
  • HTML.
  • MOBI.
  • EPUB.

We are just scratching the surface here. We recommend starting out with the helpful tutorial that installs with the program. Then open up a template and start modifying it to fit your research and writing needs.

Versions of Scrivener are available for Windows, macOS, and iOS. Download a 30-day free trial or dive right in and purchase the software!