Nebo LED Lights

Nebo Lights

Nebo LightsWe love Nebo lights. They’re bright, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they attach to just about anything.

That last part is what makes Nebo flashlights so handy. Depending on the model, a Nebo flashlight can be attached to a belt, a pocket, a magnetic surface, a nail on the wall, or even a strip of Velcro.

Here are three of our favorite Nebo models:

  • Larry, with a magnetic swivel clip equally at home on your fridge or your pocket.
  • Big Larry, with a magnetic base and three light modes—high, low, and emergency red flashing.
  • Flipit, which looks like a light switch but has the distinct advantage of being portable. Hang it up with screws, magnets, or Velcro.

One thing is certain—whatever you need to use your flashlight for, you’ll find a Nebo that fits your needs!

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