Free 3 Days Only—The Worst Jokes I Know

The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot!)Looking for clean humor that the whole family can enjoy? Here’s a chance to delight your children with the eBook version of The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot!)—for free!

The Worst Jokes I Know by B. Patrick Lincoln is available free for all on May 2, 3, and 4. This is a great opportunity to pick up an illustrated collection of 101 Funny Bone Ticklers for Jokesters of All Ages. Readers young and old will enjoy finding out:

  • Why is it inadvisable to read the contents of this book to an egg?
  • Why was the ground delighted with the earthquake?
  • And why did the chicken really cross the road?

Kindle Unlimited subscribers will still be able to read the book for free until July 7.

A paperback edition is also available. Click here for more information and free sample pages.