Looking for the Scripture Passages of the Month?Looking for the Scripture Passages of the Month? We have moved this feature to our free weekly country living update, On the Range.

Along with five Bible verses every month, a subscription to On the Range will provide you with plenty of interesting reading material:

  • Our latest posts.
  • Site updates.
  • Additions to the Homestead Bookshelf.
  • New photos in our stock photo gallery.
  • Ideas for preparing for each new month of country living.
  • Hints for our reading challenge.
  • Headlines that affect you and your farm.
  • Featured posts from our archives.
  • Fun facts.
  • Food for thought.
  • Timely tips.

The Scripture Passages of the Month will be sent out with the newsletter this Friday. We look forward to sharing this feature with you!

Posted by hsotr