15 Gifts for the Country Living Enthusiast

Is there someone in your family who loves country living? Show that you care with a gift tailored to their favorite interest this Christmas!

Allow us to suggest 15 gifts (in no particular order), ranging from cute to indispensable.

1. You Can Farm

For either the newbie or the seasoned agripreneur in need of fresh inspiration, this book is an excellent choice. Joel Salatin is an upbeat, motivational writer never lacking in creativity. Great for those needing a little encouragement that, yes, they can farm! Read our full review.

2. All New Square Foot Gardening

Supplying a family with fresh fruits and vegetables takes time. Give your loved one the gift of a new, super-efficient gardening system that, with the right inputs, can be managed in minutes a day! Read our full review.

3. Insulated Coveralls

Perfect for staying warm while doing the chores on a cold, blustery evening.

4. Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners

For those who keep more than one species of livestock or pets, this is a handy reference to have on hand. Includes concise discussions of the symptoms and treatments of the most common animal ailments. Read our full review.

5. Egg Basket

Give the chicken-keeper of the family a rustic wire egg basket. Not only is it useful, but it makes great decor in its spare time.

6. McMurray Hatchery Gift Certificate

Heritage-breed chicks? Poultry feeders and waterers? Books on a variety of country living topics? Whatever the poultry-keeping family needs, they can find it here.

7. Farm-Themed Dish Towels

A practical way to brighten the farm kitchen!

8. Storey’s Guide to Raising Series

A book from this series is a must for new livestock owners. Each guide offers essential information on caring for animals. Read our full reviews on the beef cattle, dairy goat, and chicken titles.

9. Natural Care Series

Pat Colby’s books on raising livestock focus on maintaining animal health naturally, primarily by ensuring that the animal’s vitamin and mineral needs are met. Good for those with an organic bent. Read our full reviews on the cattle and goat titles.

10. Portable Fencing Materials

Portable electric fencing is a mainstay on many small farms. No farmer can have too many insulators or fiberglass fence posts.

11. HomeMade

Is your country living enthusiast also handy with wood and similar construction materials? Give him a copy of this book. It includes plans for building just about anything a small farmer could need in the pasture, the garden, or the house. Read our full review.

12. Stocking Up

If your loved ones don’t have a copy of this classic, supply the deficiency! This is the ultimate authority on just about every method of preserving fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and more. Read our full review.

13. Vacuum Sealer

And while you are supplying your family members with information on preserving food, offer them a handy tool to make it easier.

14. Nebo Larry

There’s a lot to like about this little flashlight. It’s waterproof, it’s magnetic, it easily clips to a belt or pocket, and it’s intensely bright. See our other favorite Nebo lights.

15. Leatherman

A must for outdoor farm work. Everyone has their own preferences on the tools included. For a handy farm tool, be sure to look for a knife blade, needlenose pliers, wire strippers, and several different screwdrivers.