Fall Gardening

Even though it is still summer, Kansas gardeners know that the time to plant fall vegetables is upon us.

Fall gardening presents some unique challenges:

However, late summer and fall are critical times for starting cold-season vegetables if you want to harvest year-round.

For those who are struggling with the eccentricities of Kansas weather, “Fall Gardening” is a valuable free PDF put out by Sedgwick County Extension that can help.

This brief document addresses some of the trickiest challenges Kansas gardeners will face when gardening in the fall:

  • Choosing plants and varieties that will grow successfully.
  • Timing planting according to the weather and season.
  • Protecting young cool-season vegetables from summer heat.
  • Protecting vegetables from cold and frost for an extended harvest.

Many tips and charts, from a fall gardening timeline to advice on using row covers successfully, make this PDF indispensible.

The focus (and therefore the recommended planting dates) is on south-central Kansas, but most of the principles are sound for other areas, as well.

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