Top 10 Farming Resources

Top 10 Farming Resources

For over seven years, Homestead on the Range has been sharing information for everyone who wants to start their own homestead, farm, or ranch. We have covered topics from beef cattle breeds (a perennial favorite on our site) to the possibilities of beans as field crop in Kansas.

If you are new to country living or to our site, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of information available, let alone the questions you have about diving in. How about this for a start—check out some of our readers’ favorite farming posts. Not only will you learn a lot about popular country living topics, you will be provided with links to more useful information.

Enjoy your new country living project!


10. Highland

How a Milking Machine Works

9. How a Milking Machine Works


8. Angus

Jack Russell Terrier

7. Jack Russell Terrier

Pros and Cons fo Weeder Geese

6. Pros and Cons of Weeder Geese

7 Unique Fiber Animals
Alpaca fiber

5. 7 Unique Fiber Animals

Cattle Breeds
Cattle Breeds

4. Cattle Breeds

Why Are Dairy Bulls More Dangerous Than Beef Bulls?

3. Why Are Dairy Bulls More Dangerous Than Beef Bulls?

Black Baldy

2. Black Baldy

British and Continental Cattle Breeds

1. British and Continental Cattle Breeds

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