Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New
Something Old, Something New

Just a few hours out and a few hours back,
Winding down backroads and seeing the view,
Rolling through towns, fields, and pastures,
Rediscovering the old as though something new.

We call it a day trip, an excursion or outing,
But it’s much like our lives every day, too—
Learning, growing, seeking, and working,
Rediscovering the old as though something new.

© 2020 Michelle Lindsey

By hsotr

Pulling from nearly 20 years of Kansas country living experience, Michelle Lindsey started Homestead on the Range to supply Kansas country living enthusiasts with the innovative resources that they need to succeed and has now been keeping families informed and inspired for over five years. Michelle is the author of four country living books. She is also a serious student of history, specializing in Kansas, agriculture, and the American West. When not improving her organic raised bed garden or pursuing hobbies ranging from music to cooking to birdwatching, she can usually be found researching or writing about her many interests.