The Homestead Bookshelf

We’ve been collecting new and old books on a variety of country living and Kansas-related topics for several years now. It was about time the Homestead Bookshelf received a new look.

The updated virtual bookshelf is now simpler and easier to browse. No more scrolling through seemingly endless pages to see if there’s anything new—fresh additions to the shelf are placed at the top of the page, making them easy to find. (You can also sign up for our email newsletter to receive notice of updates.)

Click on a book cover to see a review on our site or to go to a landing page where you can either purchase or download the book.

Our selected titles cover topics ranging from health and fitness to livestock to crafts and skills to Kansas travel. Some are by current authors, others are free downloads from the extension system, while still others are oldies from the public domain.

Winter is on its way—get ready with some good reading material!