There has only been one perfect life throughout all of time. This book offers a unique glimpse at what that life was like.

One Perfect Life

One Perfect Life: The Complete Story of the Lord Jesus by Dr. John MacArthur is a harmony of the Gospels that offers a cohesive picture of the life of Jesus. This book also weaves in related passages from the Old Testament and the remainder of the New Testament to give a fuller picture of the significance of the Savior.

One Perfect Life begins at the beginning, with the presence of Christ at the creation of the world. It progresses to the need for a Savior, the arrival of the Messiah’s forerunner, and the birth of Jesus Himself. Then comes a complete presentation of His life as recorded in Scripture, followed by an explanation of what His death and resurrection means to the world.

Skillful synthesis and the use of New King James text makes this book highly readable and easy to follow. The passages used are noted so that they are easy to look up in a regular Bible for reading in the original context. Study notes are included to clarify difficult words and topics.

One Perfect Life is a great way to see the familiar Gospel story in a new light. Highly recommended!