Your Path to Abundant Living in Flyover Country

You’ve decided that the country life is for you. You’re ready to get back to your roots, to get closer to nature, and to become more self-reliant.

Or maybe you already have your place in the country. You’ve been keeping livestock and a garden for years. But somehow you’ve run into difficulties. Your lifestyle just isn’t all that you’ve hoped for. You’re ready to fix that now and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Either way, the question is the same: Where do you start?

Country living can be daunting. Too many skills have been lost instead of being passed down from generation to generation. There’s so much to learn!

Whatever predicament you find yourself in, we’ve created a new resource with you in mind: Your Path to Abundant Living in Flyover Country.

This path takes you through eight steps to creating your ideal country lifestyle:

  1. Plan your vision.
  2. Start learning.
  3. Dig in.
  4. Practice country skills.
  5. Harvest nutrient-rich food.
  6. Grow a business.
  7. Balance your lifestyle.
  8. Review, revise, repeat.

Whether your dream involves running a profitable farm or maybe just growing a few tomatoes in the backyard to can, Your Path to Abundant Living will take you there. It’s your path and can be completely customized and adapted to your own unique vision. You can travel at your own pace, too.

Best of all? It’s free for everyone.

Enjoy the journey!