Fitting the Collar

Fitting a collar to a draft horse is one of those topics that are difficult to explain in writing. For anyone who would prefer a visual approach to learning this skill, “Fitting the Collar” is a handy online video that explains the subject well.

“Fitting the Collar” demonstrates:

  • Checking a collar to see if it fits the horse properly.
  • Putting a collar on a horse without unbuckling it (for getting back to work quickly).
  • Using a measuring tool to estimate the best collar size for your horse.
  • Measuring the actual size of a collar.

You’ll pick up more valuable information along the way, such as why it is important for each horse to have his own collar, rather than sharing collars among horses.

This is a very brief video, exceptionally clear and to the point. A must for current or future draft horse owners.

Helpful Resource

Draft Animals

Draft Animals
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