Healthy, nutrient-rich food starts with vibrant soil. You can build that vibrant soil in your backyard in 10 steps.

Improving Your Garden Soil

Homestead on the Range is pleased to announce the release of Improving Your Garden Soil: 10 Steps to Healthy Plants and Nutrient-Rich Food by Michelle Lindsey.

Improving Your Garden Soil will help you create a customized soil improvement plan. In 10 easy steps, you will:

  1. Assess your current soil.
  2. Plan your soil improvement project.
  3. Build soil depth.
  4. Eliminate toxins, diseases, and pests.
  5. Balance the air and moisture in the soil.
  6. Charge up the soil battery.
  7. Balance soil nutrients.
  8. Build organic matter and humus.
  9. Build a soil community.
  10. Maintain healthy soil.

Helpful tables make it easy to troubleshoot soil-related gardening problems and find the right solution.

This book is the second title in the Practical Country Living series, a collection of how-to books that make it easy to master hands-on country skills by providing the comprehensive and concise information you need to get started quickly.

Reach your goal of growing nutrient-rich produce using natural methods.

It’s time to reap a healthier, more flavorful harvest. Dig in!

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