Stone Arch Bridges of Butler and Cowley Counties

It’s the time of year to hit the road and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kansas. If you are looking for something off the beaten path, how about visiting some historic stone arch bridges? maintains lists of bridges you might like to see.

If you are new to the picturesque stone arch bridges of Kansas, the larger, more famous structures in Cowley County provide an excellent starting point. Once you’ve visited those, you may be interested to explore the much less familiar bridges of neighboring Butler Country. The Butler bridges have some fascinating history that has largely been forgotten in modern times.

For each bridge, provides key details, as far as can be determined, encompassing:

  • Location.
  • Builder.
  • Year.
  • Further reading.
  • Photos.

Additional details are added from time to time as more information comes to light.

Many of the bridges are on gravel roads, so we strongly recommend visiting them during good weather. (And please bring a spare tire.) Also be aware that some of the bridges are on private property. Always respect the landowners’ boundaries.

You may be amazed at what you discover!