50 Garden Journal Prompts

Most of us know that keeping a garden journal is a good habit to get into, as it helps us learn from experience and keep track of all those tasks and bits of information that we might otherwise forget.

But if you’re not already in the habit of keeping a garden journal, you may find the blank pages somewhat daunting. What to write?

Here are 50 ideas to jog your creativity, including something for every season:

  1. Describe in detail what your garden will look like 10 years from now.
  2. Make a list of actionable goals for your garden.
  3. Calculate how many plants you would need to completely supply your family’s needs for one vegetable year-long.
  4. List everything you want to learn about gardening.
  5. Make a list of supplies and equipment that you will need for your garden this year.
  6. Make a seed-shopping list.
  7. Make a calendar of planting dates.
  8. Map your garden.
  9. Work out a simple crop rotation.
  10. Make a list of soil improvement actions to take this year.
  11. Start a list of gardening books that you would like to read.
  12. Start a list of gardening books that you have recently finished reading.
  13. Write foen something that you learned from a gardening book.
  14. Record your soil test results.
  15. Record the current soil temperature.
  16. Record the actual date of your last frost this year.
  17. List your gardening tasks for tomorrow.
  18. List the bird species that you see in your garden today.
  19. List the insect species that you see in your garden today.
  20. Record your daily rainfall.
  21. Create a garden maintenance schedule.
  22. Go into your garden and write down the first thing that comes to you.
  23. Write down tips for caring for your favorite flower or vegetable.
  24. List the plants that are blooming today.
  25. Sketch a flower in your journal.
  26. Press a flower and tape it into your journal.
  27. Paste a photo of your garden into your journal.
  28. Write about a past gardening memory that this year’s garden brings back to you.
  29. Record your harvest for the day.
  30. Write out a recipe for a salad.
  31. List new ways to use and prepare one vegetable or herb.
  32. List your favorite vegetable varieties.
  33. Write down instructions for a pest control solution that worked in your garden.
  34. Observe your garden from a distance for five minutes or so and write down what happens.
  35. Write down instructions for saving one type of seed.
  36. Record any seasonal changes that you see in your garden.
  37. Write about something that you learned about gardening from hands-on experience this year.
  38. Write about what you learned from a gardening mistake.
  39. List three things you did well in your garden this year.
  40. Write down one area in which you could improve.
  41. Compare and contrast this year’s garden with last year’s.
  42. Note a new plant you want to grow next year.
  43. Write about something that you learned about life from your garden.
  44. Copy your favorite garden-related quote.
  45. Write down one thing that you want others to know about gardening.
  46. List the ways that gardening benefits you and your family.
  47. Write about how your garden affects you spiritually.
  48. Create a gardening glossary.
  49. Create a reference page on the characteristics of your favorite flower or herb.
  50. Create a list of flowers and their traditional symbolic meanings.
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