10 Resources for a Successful Country Living Mindset

Too many of us look for a shortcut when it comes to achieving our goals and visions. We follow experts, download plans, and read all the acclaimed material on our subject, then eagerly await a finished result. Somehow, it just never happens that way.

Part of the problem is that success starts in the mind. It cannot be manufactured through procedures, either our own or those of other people. First we must know clearly where we want to go. Then we must seek the most effective ways to get there, which will vary based on our unique circumstances.

With this in mind, allow us to offer 10 resources from across our site that cover this angle of country living:

  1. Your Path to Abundant Living in Flyover Country
    A step-by-step approach to creating the lifestyle of your dream, starting with planning your vision and ending with reviewing, revising, and repeating. Learn how to master country living skills, harvest nutrient-rich food, and grow a business along the way. The journey is completely your own.
  2. Getting Started: Complete Series
    Four tips for getting into country living: living debt-free, thinking for yourself, persevering, and focusing.
  3. Found: God’s Will
    How do you know you are on the right track? The answer is quite simple. Maintain a healthy relationship with God, and the rest will follow—naturally.
  4. Why SMART Goals Are Stupid (and What to Use Instead)
    Practical advice for venturing beyond the specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound into something that really speaks to you.
  5. You Can Farm
    Need some motivation and encouragement to pursue your country living vision? You will find plenty of it here. Joel Salatin dismantles commonly perceived limiting factors one by one, while warning of the real pitfalls along the way. You Can Farm focuses on starting a business, but much of the information will be useful to any county living enthusiast.
  6. Building a Sustainable Business
    This free resource takes you step by step through the business planning process. But even if you don’t need a formal business plan, you can still benefit from the process of identifying values, assessing your current situation, developing a vision, creating a plan, and monitoring your progress.
  7. Ranching Full-Time on 3 Hours a Day
    Author Cody Holmes has a great deal to offer when it comes to mindset. He nearly went broke following conventional wisdom, but he turned his situation around dramatically with just a few changes in his perspective.
  8. Knowledge-Based Farming
    Part of establishing your mindset comes from informing your mind. Here are some tips for seeking out and making use of a variety of information sources, from books to your own experience.
  9. Challenging the Paradigm
    When you have your head down doing what needs to be done, it can be easy to lose sight of the why behind your routines and processes. Question yourself from time to time to stay on track and proceed as efficiently as possible.
  10. The 5×5 Method of Motivation
    Need some encouragement? Try this simple exercise. You will probably find that you have made more progress than you realized.