10 Travel Tips for Visiting the Flint Hills



The Flint Hills are arguably one of the most scenic parts of Kansas. Planning your first visit? Allow us to make a few suggestions.

10 Travel Tips for Visiting the Flint Hills

10 Travel Tips for Visiting the Flint Hills

The Flint Hills are arguably one of the most scenic parts of Kansas. While you will not find many typical big-time tourist stops here, the Flint Hills offers much to the nature enthusiast and the history buff alike.

Planning your first visit? Allow us to make a few suggestions:

  1. Bring a camera. Flint Hills scenery is famous for its natural beauty. No matter when or where you go, you will see something photo-worthy. Be prepared!
  2. Take the Kansas Gazetteer. This trusty map shows both the backroads and the main travel corridors. Don’t leave home without it.
  3. Stop by our top 10 favorite destinations. While there is much to see in the Flint Hills, a few stops are essentials. Our picks showcase a good mix of history, nature, and more.
  4. Get off the beaten path. You can get a fairly good idea of what the Flint Hills are about just by driving the Kansas Turnpike. However, to fully experience this spectacular region, we strongly recommend taking some of the less frequented roads.
  5. Bring a spare tire. If you decide to follow our advice and do dirt, please take at least one spare tire. An inflation and repair kit will not help you here.
  6. Visit in several different seasons. You haven’t fully appreciated the Flint Hills until you have seen them throughout the year. Spring is a common time to visit, but do not neglect the wildflowers of summer, the glorious colors of fall, and even the more subtle beauty of winter.
  7. Put a copy of Kansas Outdoor Treasures in the car. This handy guide will help you find the major nature-related destinations. It also offers advice on when to go and where to engage in your favorite outdoor pastimes, including fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and much more.
  8. Learn about what you see. Understanding often enhances appreciation. When you hit the road, bring along some informative resources, such as guidebooks and field guides. (Check out the Nature, History, and Kansas Travel pages of our Bookshelf for some suggestions.)
  9. Get out and walk. Especially if you have children along! Walking or hiking will not only give you a chance to stretch your legs, but it will immerse you in the ambience of the Flint Hills, whether you select a lengthy hiking trail or just stroll down a small-town sidewalk.
  10. Catch a sunset. Sunsets in the Flint Hills are absolutely spectacular, so don’t miss this sight.

As a side note, these tips will help you get the most out of a visit to just about any Kansas region.

There is plenty to see and experience in the Flint Hills. Enjoy!