The best way for anyone to learn to write is to put pencil to paper and start writing. But what to write?

Homestead on the Range is pleased to announce the release of a new book—Write Something Every Day: 366 Pencil Sharpeners for Students of Writing from DIYHomeschooler.

Write Something Every Day

Write Something Every Day offers 366 pencil sharpeners for students and writers of all ages seeking to improve their craft.

Writers young and old will draw fresh inspiration from daily exercises designed to stretch their abilities and hone their skills. Carefully crafted assignments include:

  • Start a copybook.
  • Rewrite a poem in story form.
  • Write for a younger audience.
  • Describe in microscopic detail.
  • Personify an object.
  • Report the facts.

Parents and teachers of young writers will find helpful suggestions for modifying the assignments to fit their students.

Even though this book was developed with homeschoolers in mind, any writer of any age can benefit. Writers who work through these exercises will come away with new ideas for developing their own methods of building their skills for a lifetime of writing.

Write Something Every Day is the first in a new series of books to be written by DIYHomeschooler and published by Homestead on the Range. DIYHomeschooler Handy-Mom Tools empower every mom to gift her children with a lifelong love of learning—without breaking the bank.

These effective, versatile resources from a seasoned homeschool veteran will help you provide your child with a personalized education, regardless of your own qualifications, budget, or time constraints. You will learn how to use your child’s interests to build skills that will serve him or her well whatever the future may hold.

From reading, writing, and arithmetic to history and science, there is always a better way to mentor a child, one that goes beyond the curriculum and speaks to the heart.

Free sample pages of Write Something Every Day are available for preview. Start writing!