As we prepare to gather together with our families this Thanksgiving, many of us enjoy providing that extra special touch to the dinner table, be it a fall centerpiece or the perfectly baked dish. How about artfully folded napkins for something a little different?

The Simple Art of Napkin Folding

The Simple Art of Napkin Folding: 94 Fancy Folds for Every Tabletop Occasion by Linda Hetzer is an easy way to enter the world of decorative napkins. The designs covered range from the simple to the elegant to the playful, including a chapter devoted to napkins for children’s parties.

Each design is accompanied by a little background information and then a sequence of illustrations for each step in the folding process. In no time, you will be decorating the table with everything from roses to peacocks to poinsettias. A special chapter for additional table decorations made with napkins is also included, covering vase wraps, place mats, and more.

This book also has a handy chart that lets you easily select the right napkin for your application based on size, material, and complexity. Some require napkin rings, while others do not (directions for making napkin rings are included).

Additional perks you will find in The Simple Art of Napkin Folding are:

  • Illustrations of how to set the table in different situations.
  • Tips for removing stains of various sorts.
  • Directions for sewing and decorating your own homemade napkins.

With Thanksgiving less than a week away and Christmas around the corner, it’s a great time to pick up this easy-to-learn skill and make your table setting really shine. Have fun!