‘Tis the season for gift buying! Here’s a quirky option suitable for two main categories of recipients:

  • Those who hate bugs.
  • Those who love bugs.

The Bugzooka is an ingenious invention for nabbing insects that have wandered into the house. It works by quickly sucking in air, pulling the bug in question into a specially designed catch tube. Once safely contained within the catch tube, insects cannot escape.

At this point, those who hate bugs can take the catch tube outside and release the culprit into a more suitable location. Those who love bugs can admire their new friend for a while before following suit.

The Bugzooka comes with some handy features. For instance, it telescopes to aid in capturing insects high up on walls and windows. For another thing, it comes with a handy hanger for storage when not in use.

The key to catching insects with a Bugzooka is to get very close to your target, but not so close that you mash it on the end of the catch tube before firing. The tricky part is that some bugs will be frightened by the large object in close proximity and will flee before you can catch them. Patience is required.

A final tip for those who love bugs: Do not be startled if at first your catch appears to be dead. Most insects are merely stunned and will recover. The Bugzooka is gentle enough for use on all but the most delicate bugs. Also avoid using the Bugzooka on insects tiny enough to fit through the mesh at the bottom of the catch tube for obvious reasons.

Great fun for young and old alike!