More Than Your Number (Review)



More Than Your Number by Jeff and Beth McCord emphasizes the importance of keeping Jesus the focus while allowing the enneagram to let you hear the gospel.

More Than Your Number

The enneagram can be a controversial topic in Christian circles. Because of its past association with pagan beliefs, it is sometimes regarded as an evil symbol. However, to the pure all things are pure, and when used in the context of Christ’s redemptive work (versus merely as yet another self-help tool) the enneagram can be valuable for its ability to penetrate to the root of our behaviors.

More Than Your Number

With this in mind, More Than Your Number by Jeff and Beth McCord is a fantastic resource for using the enneagram. The McCords emphasize the importance of keeping Jesus the focus, but while allowing the enneagram to be used as a tool to let you hear the gospel in your native language, as it were.

Two novel concepts make this book unique:

  • The Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP). The McCords liken it to using GPS to navigate. Each type presents a healthy side, an unhealthy side, a growth path, a stress path, and two wings. The EIP recognizes the influence of all of the parts connected to our main enneagram type, while still recognizing the driving motivations of the primary type.
  • The A.W.A.R.E. exercise. A.W.A.R.E. stands for Awaken, Welcome, Ask, Receive, and Engage. The exercise is a Christ-centered approach to recognizing when we are out of balance, receiving God’s grace and truth, and reengaging with our circumstances from a place of strength.

If you are new to the enneagram, you may want to supplement this book with other resources as you work to discover your type. Where More Than Your Number really shines is in helping you learn to recognize which of your type’s parts has been activated and why, and then rely on God’s promises to deal with it.

The McCords are not afraid to speak the truth and call a sin a sin. However, they do so in love, inviting all of us to accept Christ’s work on our behalf rather than judging and trying to change ourselves.