The Cochin may require dedicated care, but it can earn its keep as a broody hen without equal.

Merry Christmas 2019

It’s time to wind down another year of country living. But it’s also time to get ready for a new year! When you’re not giving gifts and cooking up a storm this Christmas season, how about taking some downtime to think about future projects to tackle on the homestead? We’ve added plenty of new content…


The dignity and size of the feather-footed Brahma have made it a new favorite in America.

Black Star

This crossbred chicken may quickly become your favorite dual-purpose homestead workhorse.


Sweet, hardy, versatile—your backyard flock might just need a few of these hard-working hens.


This chicken breed is popular for its blue-shelled eggs, but its unique appearance comes at a cost.

Top 10 Reader-Favorite Books

We love curating helpful reading material for country living enthusiasts! If you are looking for a variety of useful books on everything from starting a farming enterprise to planting crops to drawing horses, we highly recommend the Homestead Bookshelf as the place to find what you’re looking for. We have collected public domain classics, modern…

Seasons in the Flint Hills

Crisp and black with cold, dry ash,You cover yourselves with green,Awakened to life by rain and sun,You thrive in the breezes of spring.Days grow long, the south wind blows;Your green now changes, too—First more vibrant, then more soft,And then to a golden hue.A gentler sun ripens your goldTo copper and rich red rust;Heat gives way…