B. Patrick Lincoln

B. Patrick Lincoln always wanted to be a pun pal.

Hence his perpetual desire to humor his grandmother with a pun—often concocted on the fly based on current circumstances. He started with the classic about the refrigerator running (which, somehow, she had already heard).

Not content with this achievement, Patrick has compiled his repertoire of jokes, some of which he has invented himself, into The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot!) for kids of all ages. Most of these jokes have been tried on his grandmother, and are sure to amuse—or inspire groans, which, no doubt, amounts to the same thing. B. Patrick Lincoln understands that there is a demand for clean family jokes, a demand he aims to supply!

But who is B. Patrick Lincoln? Let’s just say that if you happen to be fortunate enough to know a “B. Patrick Lincoln,” we can safely guarantee that the B. Patrick Lincoln in question is not the author of this book!


The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot!)

Feed a child’s love for clean family fun with new jokes and fresh twists on old classics. The Worst Jokes I Know helps ages 5 and up develop their thinking skills…and their sense of humor. Accompanied by quirky color illustrations, 101+ jokes are proven to please pun pals young and old. Share a laugh! Learn more >>