Body Condition Scoring: Complete Series

Body Condition ScoringA body condition score (BCS) is a subjective evaluation of an animal’s weight relative to its size. It helps livestock owners to determine whether an animal is too fat, too thin, or just about right by noting the location and thickness of fat deposits. They can then use this information to adjust management practices to meet the animal’s needs.

Scoring systems vary for different types of livestock. In the posts below, we have summarized the systems generally used for cattle, horses, swine, sheep, and goats.


Beef CattleBody Condition Scoring: Beef Cattle


Dairy CattleBody Condition Scoring: Dairy Cattle


HorsesBody Condition Scoring: Horses


SwineBody Condition Scoring: Swine


SheepBody Condition Scoring: Sheep


GoatsBody Condition Scoring: Goats