The Cochin may require dedicated care, but it can earn its keep as a broody hen without equal.


The dignity and size of the feather-footed Brahma have made it a new favorite in America.

Black Star

This crossbred chicken may quickly become your favorite dual-purpose homestead workhorse.


Sweet, hardy, versatile—your backyard flock might just need a few of these hard-working hens.


This chicken breed is popular for its blue-shelled eggs, but its unique appearance comes at a cost.

Fields of Farmers

There are two attitudes toward farm internships prevalent in America today. The first is that of stubborn individualism, the rugged “gonna do it my way” philosophy commonly associated with farmers. The second is best described as, “What I need is some interns to get this place in shape!” In Fields of Farmers: Interning, Mentoring, Partnering,…