5 Ways to Save Money On Seeds

If we avid gardeners were to be brutally honest with ourselves, we would all probably have to admit that we spend way too much money on seeds.  There are always new and exciting varieties to try, and we want to have some extra seeds on hand just in case, and sometimes we get carried awayContinue reading “5 Ways to Save Money On Seeds”

How To Build a Two-Bin Composter

Composting is probably one of the most familiar techniques of organic gardening. No wonder—it’s a great way to enrich the soil and make use of some of that garden debris that always collects as the season progresses. Composting just makes sense. However, deciding to make compost is one thing, and coming up with a compostContinue reading “How To Build a Two-Bin Composter”

Free eBook: Home Vegetable Gardening

Don’t you just love old books that are still relevant today? Here’s one for the gardener of the family: Home Vegetable Gardening: A Complete and Practical Guide to the Planting and Care of All Vegetables, Fruits and Berries Worth Growing For Home Use by F. F. Rockwell. This book is about a hundred years old, but isContinue reading “Free eBook: Home Vegetable Gardening”