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Variations on the Harmonica

Variations on the Harmonica

Chromatic, minor, tremolo, octave, miniature—what are they and how are they used?

Rosewood: Southeast Asian, Amazonian & Honduran

Rosewood: Southeast Asian, Amazonian, & Honduran

Southeast Asian Rosewood Southeast Asian rosewood is an endangered species. This wood is no longer harvested for guitar manufacture, and is therefore extremely hard to find from legitimate sources. Southeast […]

Rosewood: Brazilian, Indian, Madagascar & Cocobolo

Rosewood: Brazilian, Indian, Madagascar & Cocobolo

Rosewood is a common choice of wood for guitars and mandolins. It has been used for backs, sides, tops, and fretboards. But did you know that instruments are built with […]

You Can Teach Yourself Dobro

You Can Teach Yourself Dobro

Teaching yourself Dobro is easy—especially with this book! You Can Teach Yourself Dobro by Janet Davis offers a logical sequence to learning this unique instrument, starting with the basics and […]

5 Tips for Improving Your Writing

5 Tips for Improving Your Writing

Writing is a valuable communication skill, no matter what we do in life. Just to name a few of the uses a small farmer might have for writing: Writing posts […]

Pros and Cons of Laminated Woods for Guitarists

Pros and Cons of Laminated Woods for Guitarists

Perhaps you already have a particular type of wood in mind for your new guitar. Whether that wood is solid or laminated will make a tremendous difference in the sound […]

Pick Punch

Pick Punch

Here’s a fun gadget every flatpicking guitarist will love! The Pick Punch lets you make your very own guitar picks out of any suitable plastic. Put those old credit cards […]

5 Handy Resources for Writers

5 Handy Resources for Writers

Every writer has a preferred modus operandi, including diverse details such as when we write, where we write, and what we use to write. For those of you who write […]

Why Cowboys Sang

Why Cowboys Sang

The singing cowboy is by no means a Hollywood invention. History records the fact that cowboys always sang, starting back when cattle trails began. At first, there were no true […]

How to Play Minor Chords on a Dobro

How to Play Minor Chords on a Dobro

The Dobro or resonator guitar has a unique feature that can be a great help or hindrance, depending on how you look at it: It is tuned to an open […]