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Essential Techniques for Mandolin

Essential Techniques for Mandolin

How about a lesson from one of the most talented mandolin players in bluegrass today?  With Essential Techniques for Mandolin, you will have the opportunity to sit down and receive […]

3 Tips for Playing Rhythm

3 Tips for Playing Rhythm

Most musicians in a group setting aren’t going to be playing lead 100% of the time.  Sometimes you will be expected to back up a singer, while other times you […]

The Banjo Encyclopedia

The Banjo Encyclopedia

If you want to teach yourself how to play the banjo, don’t buy a songbook—try this instead. Master your instrument. The Banjo Encyclopedia: Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z by […]

Choosing String Gauges for Acoustic Guitar

Choosing String Gauges for Acoustic Guitar

If you are buying acoustic guitar strings for the first time, you will soon realize that you have a bewildering array of options.  Different brands, different materials, different gauges…how do […]

Free LSU Building Plans

Free LSU Building Plans

Louisiana State University has put together an excellent website packed with countless building plans available for free PDF download.  If you are the do-it-yourself type, this is a site that […]

The Art of Drawing & Painting Horses

The Art of Drawing and Painting Horses

Horses are a favorite subject when it comes to art.  Both amateurs and professionals love to capture the graceful motions and varying personalities of these beautiful animals. If you want […]

The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses

The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses

Children love drawing horses! Here’s a book that can guide them through the process in a fun way. The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses by Barry Stebbing starts with the basics: […]

The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction

Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction

Here’s a way to combine two favorite interests. Hand the woodworker of the family a copy of this book and see what happens! The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction for […]

Kids Knitting

Kids Knitting

If your children are looking for a useful but simple skill to pick up, consider handing them a ball of yarn, a pair of knitting needles, and this book. Colorful […]



Here is just the thing for the handyman of the family.  Whatever you want to build, whether it is for your home, your garden, or your farm, check out this […]