How the Kansas Legislature Tried to Eradicate the Sunflower

Kansas has long been identified as the Sunflower State. The Native Americans relied on the sunflower for food. Early pioneers observed its profusion and noted how important it was to the birds of the plains. The Love of Kansas for the Sunflower In the homestead days of Kansas, many a country essayist or versifier celebratedContinue reading “How the Kansas Legislature Tried to Eradicate the Sunflower”

Kansas Forts and Bases

Not all of us can readily absorb military history without getting bogged down in the technicalities. Thankfully, Kansas Forts and Bases: Sentinels on the Prairie by Debra Goodrich Bisel and Michelle M. Martin is supremely readable, providing an era-by-era overview of Kansas forts as reflective of the broader picture of Kansas history overall.

Dunkard Mill Bridge: Its Completion and Legacy

In a January 22, 1903, edition of the Winfield Courier, South Bend reported that the first arch of Dunkard Mill Bridge was finished and that this new bridge was becoming a regular attraction. It was generally recognized that watching the bridge go up was quite a sight to see. The Accident But the very nextContinue reading “Dunkard Mill Bridge: Its Completion and Legacy”

Dunkard Mill Bridge: How Cowley County Came to Build Stone Arch Bridges

As far as the southeastern part of Kansas is concerned, Cowley County was definitely a latecomer in the stone arch bridge business. As early as 1877, Marion County was building stone arch bridges. 1877 also saw the construction of a stone arch bridge over the Cottonwood River in Florence. And when the town of MarionContinue reading “Dunkard Mill Bridge: How Cowley County Came to Build Stone Arch Bridges”

Stone Arch Bridges

Do you love those picturesque stone arch bridges in Cowley County, Kansas? Do we know the website for you to visit! is a unique blend of history, physics, how-to, and photography. It offers well-researched information about bridges in Kansas (and other places, as well!) that can be extremely difficult to find anywhere else. JustContinue reading “Stone Arch Bridges”