Merry Christmas 2016

It’s already that time of year again—time to celebrate the birth of Christ and enjoy the company of our family members! Cold weather and snow mean that it is also time to find a cozy seat and catch up on some research and reading. Please enjoy this year’s lineup of our best content. We’re looking…… Continue reading Merry Christmas 2016

Big Predators Return to Kansas—Updated!

We have updated our series on big predators in Kansas! Our mountain lion post now includes: New sightings.Additional information on old sightings.More information on where the mountain lions came from.A link to a handy interactive map of sightings. We have also added a new sighting and some additional details to our black bear post.

Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas is here again, and another year has come and gone already! Thank you for taking the time to browse the information and resources we dug up this year.  We’re already looking forward to getting back into things next year with fresh posts, resources, quotes, and more. Looking for a little bit of reading over…… Continue reading Merry Christmas 2015

Our Vitamin Guide—Updated!

We have updated our vitamin guide to include country pets, those special cats and dogs that share our lives and help us out around the farm. In addition to information on vitamins in livestock nutrition, you will now find details applicable specifically to pets: Natural sources of vitamins tailored to carnivores. Causes of vitamin deficiency…… Continue reading Our Vitamin Guide—Updated!

Merry Christmas 2014

Well, it’s time for us to take a break and enjoy the Christmas season.  It is hard to believe that another year has already gone by, isn’t it? We’re looking forward to bringing you another year of fun and useful tips, information, and resources.  We’ll post one more quote tomorrow, and then we plan to…… Continue reading Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas 2013

Well, it’s time for us to sign off for the year. We hope to be back early in January with more information and resources, including our ongoing cattle breed guide. May God bless you and yours this Christmas. Meanwhile, in case you are looking for some good winter reading, allow us to make a few…… Continue reading Merry Christmas 2013