Chicken Breeds

Chicken Breeds

Chicken Breeds

What homestead would be complete without chickens?

The reasons people keep chickens are as varied as chickens themselves. Some breeds are egg-producing marvels. Others are hefty meat birds. Still others are hard-working dual-purpose chickens. And then there are the breeds that we keep just for the pleasure of their appearance and company.

Even if you are interested in raising a mixed flock with breeds of all shapes, sizes, and colors (and who isn’t?), you will find that there are still too many breeds out there to permit keeping one of everything. Whittling down your options to a few favorites will be in order.

This guide to America’s favorite chickens covers the factors that make each breed unique—their history, uses, temperament, health, and pros and cons. Once you have selected several breeds based on their primary purpose, you should be able to use the information in this guide to determine which kinds will best match your climate, production system, and preferences as to appearance, disposition, and level of special care required.

Enjoy your new chickens!

Meat Breeds

Dual-Purpose Breeds

Ornamental Breeds

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