Chicken Predators in Kansas

While chickens are a natural addition to many farms and homesteads due to their versatility and small size, they are unfortunately among the most predator-prone of all livestock. Free-range chickens are particularly at risk.

In many cases, when a predator visits your backyard flock, you will not see the culprit. Instead, you will have to examine the scene of the crime like a detective, searching for clues as to what happened.

These posts cover the predators that Kansans will be most likely to battle, along with signs to look for and tips for thwarting the intruder.

Chicken Predators in Kansas: Hawks & Owls

Hawks & Owls

Chicken Predators in Kansas: Opossums & Raccoons

Opossums & Raccoons

Chicken Predators in Kansas: Skunks & Weasels

Skunks & Weasels

Chicken Predators in Kansas: Bobcats & Domestic Cats

Bobcats & Domestic Cats

Chicken Predators in Kansas: Foxes, Coyotes & Domestic Dogs

Foxes, Coyotes & Domestic Dogs