Draft Animals

100 Answers for Harnessing Animal Power
by Michelle Lindsey

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Welcome to the world of draft animals!

Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to choose and purchase a draft team, and then learn to work them in the field, woodlot, or market garden. Draft Animals: 100 Answers for Harnessing Animal Power uses a unique Q&A format to deliver concise answers to your most pressing questions.

Learn key information for getting started:

  • Determine if draft animals are right for you.
  • Choose between oxen, horses, mules, and donkeys, or something less conventional.
  • Select the breed that will best fit your environment and method of working.
  • Purchase and bring home a team.
  • Feed and care for your working draft animals.
  • Choose equipment such as harnesses and implements.
  • Work with draft animals safely and comfortably.
  • Train draft animals from scratch.
  • Consider breeding your own draft team.

Along the way you will also learn about the history and biology of draft animals.

Get started with animal power! Find answers to your questions today!

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  • Pages: 159
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