Garden & Orchard Diseases

Garden & Orchard DiseasesA brief Internet search or a scan through your favorite gardening reference will tell you that plant diseases abound. Any time plants are stressed by suboptimal conditions, they may be unable to fight off the many pathogens that surround them, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Our guide to garden and orchard diseases contains information on the causes and symptoms of some of these problems. It also offers tips on treating and preventing diseases. Natural solutions are provided whenever possible.


Bacterial Diseases

Bacterial Leaf SpotBacterial Leaf Spot


Bacterial WiltBacterial Wilt


Fire BlightFire Blight


Pierce’s DiseasePierce's Disease



Fungal Diseases



Black RotBlack Rot


Brown RotBrown Rot


Cedar-Apple RustCedar-Apple Rust




Downy MildewDowny Mildew


Fusarium WiltFusarium Wilt


Peach Leaf CurlPeach Leaf Curl


Phytophthora BlightPhytophthora Blight


Powdery MildewPowdery Mildew


Verticillium WiltVerticillium Wilt



Viral Diseases

Cucumber Mosaic VirusCucumber Mosaic Virus


Tobacco Mosaic VirusTobacco Mosaic Virus



Deficiency Diseases

Blossom End RotBlossom End Rot



Toxicity Diseases

Walnut ToxicityWalnut Toxicity



Structural Problems

Growth CracksGrowth Cracks