Homestead on the Range

Four-time author Michelle Lindsey owns and operates Homestead on the Range, an independent publisher dedicated to helping Kansans and others around flyover country achieve an abundant country lifestyle. She is a serious history enthusiast, specializing in Kansas, agriculture, and the American West. When not pursuing hobbies ranging from music to gardening to birdwatching, she can usually be found researching or writing about her many interests.


Improving Your Garden Soil

Improving Your Garden Soil: 10 Steps to Healthy Plants and Nutrient-Rich Food

Healthy, nutrient-rich food starts with vibrant soil. You can build that vibrant soil in your backyard in 10 steps. Learn more >>

Draft Animals

Draft Animals: 100 Answers for Harnessing Animal Power

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Choosing a Breed of Cattle

Choosing a Breed of Cattle: 5 Needs and 40 Breeds for Selecting Cattle That Fit Your Purpose

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The Family Garden Journal

The Family Garden Journal: A Keepsake of Daily Plans, Observations, and Harvests

Develop your green thumb while creating a keepsake! The Family Garden Journal offers an effective way to make the most of your learning experience in the garden, empowering you to become a true green thumb. Learn more >>