How to Plan a Garden

How To Plan a Garden

Planning a garden in January? Why not? It’ll give you something to do in those slow, cold days before the spring rush. Besides, depending on where you live and what […]

Worth It

Worth It

Another year has come around, and a flurry of planning and New Year’s resolving has come with it.  There are so many things we’d all like to do this year: […]

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Well, it’s time for us to sign off for the year.  We hope to be back early in January with more information and resources, including our ongoing cattle breed guide.  […]



Although no one knows for certain the exact origins of the Charolais (shar-LAY) breed of cattle, it probably originated in the central Burgundy region of France, near the town of […]

WaKeeney: Christmas City of the High Plains

WaKeeney: Christmas City of the High Plains

WaKeeney, Kansas, did not start out as the “Christmas City of the High Plains.”  Its founders, Albert Warren and James Keeney, called it the “Queen City of the Great Plains.”  […]

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The Weather Wizard's 5-Year Weather Diary

The Weather Wizard’s 5-Year Weather Diary

Update: Unfortunately, this diary appears to be out of print. We now recommend The Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather Notebook, a beautiful, sturdy four-year journal in full color. The Weather Notebook […]



Angus beef quality meets Brahman heat tolerance in this composite breed.

How to Make a Sweet Potato Beetle

How To Make a Sweet Potato Beetle

Step-by-step instructions for a simple vegetable craft that makes a fun gift.

The Story of Sod Corn Jones

The Story of Sod Corn Jones

The neighbors said it couldn’t be done.  Sod Corn Jones said it could. The Kansas sod was tough—tougher than anything the early settlers had ever seen before, thanks to the […]