Diatomaceous Earth and Parasite Control

Diatomaceous Earth and Parasite Control

Both internal and external parasites can be the bane of a livestock owner’s existence. They make your animals’ lives miserable, increase the risk of disease, reduce performance, and just look […]

Home Vegetable Gardening

Free eBook: Home Vegetable Gardening

Don’t you just love old books that are still relevant today? Here’s one for the gardener of the family: Home Vegetable Gardening: A Complete and Practical Guide to the Planting and Care […]

High Plains

High Plains

Historically a region of shortgrass prairie, the High Plains now hosts an extensive system of irrigated agriculture.

Knowledge-Based Farming

Knowledge-Based Farming

Have you ever thought about all of the different skill areas and branches of knowledge that are related to agriculture? Biology is an obvious one, but dig a little deeper. […]

What is Endophyte-Free Fescue?

What is Endophyte-Free Fescue?

Reading up on pasture forages tends to give one the distinct impression that having a field full of endophyte-infected fescue is not a good thing…but what is an endophyte?  Why […]

Building a Sustainable Business

Free eBook: Building a Sustainable Business

Are you considering making the jump and turning that farming hobby of yours into a real business?  Do you already have a farm business and are considering expansion, new options […]

Glaciated Region

Glaciated Region

The Glaciated Region occupies the northeastern corner of Kansas and is roughly bordered by the Kansas River on the south and the Big Blue on the west. Geologists named the […]

Looking at the Bigger Picture

Looking at the Bigger Picture

In nature, everything is part of everything else.  Cycles and systems are all inextricably linked together to form a whole environment.  Microscopic organisms are just as important in their place […]

Choosing a Breed of Chicken

Choosing a Breed of Chicken

Whether you are looking for a meat bird or a hard-working laying hen, here’s how to find a breed you will love.

Sheep Production in Kansas

Free eBook: Sheep Production in Kansas

If you are looking for a basic guide to purchasing and caring for a flock of sheep, try Sheep Production in Kansas.  This 76-page bulletin was originally published by the […]