Smoky Hills

Smoky Hills

The Smoky Hills region, occupying the north-central part of Kansas, consists of three separate bands of hills running from southwest to northeast. The western band is the Chalk Buttes, a […]

How to Build a Two-Bin Composter

How To Build a Two-Bin Composter

Composting is probably one of the most familiar techniques of organic gardening. No wonder—it’s a great way to enrich the soil and make use of some of that garden debris […]

What is pH?

What is pH?

We’ve all heard of pH, whether we garden, raise crops, or manage pastures.  We know that some plants like a more acidic soil, while some prefer a more alkali soil.  […]

Red Hills

Red Hills

Red Hills, Gypsum Hills, Gyp Hills, Medicine Hills—they go by all of these names. But whatever they’re called, there’s nothing quite like this region of rust-colored buttes, mesas, sinkholes, and […]

Don't Throw It Out!

Don’t Throw It Out!

This is not a post about recycling—at least not the type that involves saving up plastic bottles for the local recycling center. This type of recycling is quite a bit […]

Extending the Growing Season

Extending the Growing Season

Fall is almost upon us! And with fall comes the first frost and the end of the gardening year.  Maybe. Haven’t you ever thought that it might be nice to […]

Zone and Frost Maps

Links: Zone and Frost Maps

When is it time to plant lettuce? When do you sow wheat? It all depends on your local climate. Some of you may be scurrying to hunt up frost information […]

Ozark Plateau

Ozark Plateau

The Ozark Plateau, located in the very southeastern corner of Kansas, is characterized by rolling hills and forests. Occupying only 55 square miles in Cherokee County, this is the smallest […]

Planting Vegetables the Easy Way

Planting Vegetables the Easy Way

This gardening trick will save you countless back-breaking hours of toil on your hands and knees, poking one tiny seed after another into the dirt.  It will also reduce the […]

Online Bird Guide

Link: Online Bird Guide

Ah, the joys of country living.  Spending time with the animals, discovering that overgrown cucumber in the garden, listening to the birds…. Kansas is blessed with a gorgeous array of […]