Choosing a Breed of Chicken

Choosing a Breed of Chicken

Whether you are looking for a meat bird or a hard-working laying hen, here’s how to find a breed you will love.

Sheep Production in Kansas

Free eBook: Sheep Production in Kansas

If you are looking for a basic guide to purchasing and caring for a flock of sheep, try Sheep Production in Kansas.  This 76-page bulletin was originally published by the […]

Flint Hills

Flint Hills

If you’ve lived in Kansas for any length of time, you’ve heard of the Flint Hills, the largest remaining tallgrass prairie on the continent. 4.5 million acres of bluestem pastures […]

Streams of Income

Streams of Income

Setting up multiple streams or sources of income is a good idea no matter what we do in life, but it is an invaluable practice for the country family and […]

Getting Started: Part 4—Focus

Getting Started: Part 4—Focus

Distractions abound in all areas of life.  Every day we are bombarded with ideas: Things that we must do. Things that we could do. Things that we want to do. […]

How to Direct Market Your Beef

Free eBook: How to Direct Market Your Beef

For those of you who want to sell beef, How to Direct Market Your Beef by Jan Holder is a must-read! In a friendly, easy-to-understand manner, Holder explains the different […]

Cherokee Lowlands

Cherokee Lowlands

The Cherokee Lowlands occupy roughly 1,000 square miles in parts of Bourbon, Crawford, Cherokee, and Labette counties in the southeastern part of the state. Overall, the region is one of […]

Why Direct Market?

Why Direct Market?

When it comes to selling produce and livestock that we have raised ourselves, we have two main options: Market products directly to our customers. Sell products through conventional commodity channels. […]

Getting Started: Part 3—Persevere

Getting Started: Part 3—Persevere

Country living is exciting.  Every day is a new adventure.  The opportunities to learn and challenge yourself never end.  Freedom, family life, peace and quiet—aren’t these things we all crave? […]

Growing Corn Successfully

Free eBook: Growing Corn Successfully

Here’s some old-time wisdom we can benefit from today! Growing Corn Successfully: A Treatise on Corn Culture From Plowing and Planting to Harvesting and Marketing by E. S. Teagarden was […]