Beans as a Field Crop in Kansas

Free eBook: Beans as a Field Crop in Kansas

Here’s a book that can help you grow something a little different in your field or food plot: Beans as a Field Crop in Kansas, issued by the Kansas State […]

Arkansas River Lowlands

Arkansas River Lowlands

This sandy floodplain is a unique ecosystem, but one which challenges farmers to the utmost.

When the Hens Stop Laying

When the Hens Stop Laying

Oh, no!  The hens have stopped laying! Few chicken-keeping problems are as bewildering as this one.  So many variables affect egg production.  How do you sort through them all? The […]

Getting Started: Part 1—Live Debt Free

Getting Started: Part 1—Live Debt Free

Are you new to country living?  Just starting out or maybe taking a deep breath before making the jump?  Never fear!  Over the next four weeks you’ll find tips to […]