The Seal of Kansas

When Kansas was accepted into the Union, the state constitution declared that a seal would be necessary. Governor Charles Robinson brought this requirement to public attention on March 30, 1861. Committees in both the State House and the State Senate were appointed to draw up a design. But for several months, nothing could be decided.…… Continue reading The Seal of Kansas

The Art of Drawing and Painting Horses

Horses are a favorite subject when it comes to art.  Both amateurs and professionals love to capture the graceful motions and varying personalities of these beautiful animals. If you want to take your drawing and painting skills to the next level, you may find The Art of Drawing & Painting Horses from Walter Foster useful. …… Continue reading The Art of Drawing and Painting Horses

The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses

Children love drawing horses! Here’s a book that can guide them through the process in a fun way. The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses by Barry Stebbing starts with the basics: Shading.Mixing colors.Using shapes to make drawing easier. Then on to a number of discussions on drawing different breeds, markings, gaits, and poses. Interesting activities liven…… Continue reading The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses

All-Weather Birder’s Journal

Many birdwatchers enjoy keeping journals of their finds. Skimming through past entries can bring back memories of great moments with nature. Although you can easily make your own birdwatching journal, the All-Weather Birder’s Journal made by Rite in the Rain has several advantages: Waterproof cover.Durable paper.Convenient spiral binding.Easy-to-manage size.Places for both sketches and written notes.…… Continue reading All-Weather Birder’s Journal