Looking for the best breed of chicken to raise this year? How about a heritage breed? Heritage chicken breeds may not reach the egg or meat production levels of commercial hybrids, but they are often healthier and hardier, not to mention more attractive. For a free-range situation, heritage breeds can’t be beat. The Livestock Conservancy…… Continue reading Pick-a-Chick

What are Scurs?

Merino sheep clipped to display small scurs

Merino sheep clipped to display small scur (dark spot near right ear) Scurs are horny growths that give some livestock owners concern.  When a scurred animal is young, it may look for all the world like it will grow up to have horns.  Fortunately, this is not the case. Cattle, sheep, and goats can all…… Continue reading What are Scurs?

Get Ready for October 2016

October is just around the corner! Are you ready to start a business, explore nature, and live by faith? Start and run your own small farm business.Find out how livestock are upgraded.Explore options for super-small-scale farms.Identify the wildflowers and grasses of Kansas.Love God with all your mind.Save money on seeds.See the stars.Understand the importance of…… Continue reading Get Ready for October 2016

Get Ready for September 2016

Are you ready for fall?  Spend a little time watching the birds, caring for the animals, and stocking the pantry. Invest in a dog owner’s home veterinary handbook.Feed your backyard birds.Discover why people built round barns.Stock up for the winter.Learn about pH.Weigh the pros and cons of draft animals.Explore the K-State weather data library.Open up…… Continue reading Get Ready for September 2016