Salad Bar Beef

A book by Joel Salatin is guaranteed to inspire brainstorming, and Salad Bar Beef is no exception. Salatin repeatedly points out the fact that humans tend to overcomplicate things, and the current state of the beef industry is proof—ruminants designed to eat grass are fed costly grains in a confinement system. So what does he propose…… Continue reading Salad Bar Beef


Although no one knows the exact origins of the Charolais (shar-LAY), it probably originated in the central Burgundy region of France, near the town of Charolles or Charollais. The Romans may have brought it to the area for sacrifices. However, it may have existed in France earlier. The region surrounding Charolles was frequently isolated from…… Continue reading Charolais


Angus beef quality meets Brahman heat tolerance in this composite breed.

Natural Cattle Care

Pat Coleby’s guiding principle seems to be that if you provide the animal with the right vitamins and minerals, it will heal itself.  She seeks to work with the animal’s natural immune system, rather than to suppress it with antibiotics and other drugs. Natural Cattle Care, covering both beef and dairy cattle, demonstrates the application…… Continue reading Natural Cattle Care


Often called Braymer in Texas and Brahma in the Flint Hills, the Brahman goes back to the sacred zebu-derived cattle of India. Nevertheless, it is also believed to be the first cattle breed developed in the United States. How can that be? In 1854, Britain presented Richard Barrow of Louisiana with two zebu bulls as…… Continue reading Brahman


The Braford has been adopted by many business-minded cattlemen in the South.

Texas Fever

It was the mid-19th century. The cattle drive era was in full swing. Longhorns from Texas were entering Kansas in droves on their way up to the railheads. New towns were booming and fresh beef was being supplied to industrialized, post–Civil War consumers. But something was seriously wrong. The problem was not with the hardy…… Continue reading Texas Fever

Storey’s Guide to Raising Beef Cattle

If you are looking into raising beef cattle, there are quite a few things you need to consider before you purchase your first animals: How do you choose sound cattle?What types of fencing will you need?What feeds and supplements will you provide your cattle with?What if health problems arise? Once you start searching for answers…… Continue reading Storey’s Guide to Raising Beef Cattle