Tag: Cattle

  • Holstein

    The purebred Holstein is exclusively a dairy breed and is primarily suited to large commercial operations. Keep reading >>

  • What Are A1 and A2 Beta Casein?

    There is only one difference between A1 and A2 beta casein—the amino acid in position 67. The question is: Does that little difference affect human health? Keep reading >>

  • Highland

    Although it makes a good pet, tourist attraction, or photographer’s model, the Highland has so much more to offer homesteaders and organic beef producers. Keep reading >>

  • Hereford

    The Hereford is one of the most widely used beef breeds worldwide and is especially favored in tough range conditions. However, it is mostly used in crossbreeding. Keep reading >>

  • Guernsey

    The Guernsey is primarily a dairy breed, one of the favorite choices of self-sustaining family farms and direct marketers of grassfed dairy products. Keep reading >>

  • Galloway

    This popular homestead breed makes an excellent low-input grassfed beef solution for cold climates. Keep reading >>

  • English Longhorn

    One of the first specialized beef breeds in the world, the English Longhorn is now extremely rare. Keep reading >>

  • Dutch Belted

    This sweet, hardy dairy cow may be best known for looks, but it is well suited to serious pasture-based dairying. Keep reading >>

  • Devon

    The Devon is a good choice for small farms, and it has potential in conservation grazing, the practice of improving native grasslands with livestock. Keep reading >>