Tag: Dairy

  • Devon

    The Devon is a good choice for small farms, and it has potential in conservation grazing, the practice of improving native grasslands with livestock. Keep reading >>

  • Natural Cattle Care (Review)

    Pat Coleby’s guiding principle seems to be that if you provide the animal with the right vitamins and minerals, it will heal itself. Keep reading >>

  • Natural Goat Care (Review)

    If you can only buy one book on goat health, consider this book by Pat Coleby. It is guaranteed to become a favorite, whether you raise goats for milk, meat, or fiber. Keep reading >>

  • Ayrshire

    Because of its efficiency in grass-based dairying, the Ayrshire is becoming increasingly popular with organic farmers. Keep reading >>

  • Ankole Watusi

    The Cattle of Kings may be a novelty breed, but it offers valuable survival and reproductive traits to the beef world. Keep reading >>