A Guide to Herding by Livestock Species

The three most common types of livestock that herding dogs work with in the United States are ducks, sheep, and cattle. Other animals that are regularly herded with dogs are chickens, geese, turkeys, and goats. Some talented dogs can herd all of these species. However, many others are a little more specialized, particularly in theContinue reading “A Guide to Herding by Livestock Species”


Sometime after 1650, a new kind of dog came into being all across Europe. This dog was the result of mixing various breeds of foxhound, bloodhound, greyhound, and setting spaniel types. Its original purpose was to partner with greyhounds in chasing down hares. The new dog went ahead of the hunters to sniff out theContinue reading “Pointer”


The Kuvasz is an ancient flock guardian breed hailing from Hungary. Experts have long debated how this dog originated. One common theory in past was that the Kuvasz was a close relative of the Komondor, which in turn was thought to have been introduced by the Magyars. But two pieces of archaeological evidence refute thisContinue reading “Kuvasz”