Anatolian Shepherd

There are several thousand Anatolian Shepherds in the United States today, making it the 84th most popular dog according to 2016 AKC statistics.

Suffolk Punch

The story of the Suffolk Punch horse is that of a quiet farm worker, lacking in incredible incidents, but nevertheless important.


The Shire’s legendary strength comes in handy in all types of draft work. It is equally at home pulling heavy loads in the arena, the woodlot, or the field.


The Shetland Pony is too small for all but the youngest riders. Nevertheless, it brings hours of pleasure to those little ones under either an English or a Western saddle.


Today, most Poitou donkeys are kept as pets and companions. They are suitable for light harness work, however, including pleasure driving and some farm chores.


Named for the La Perche region of France, the Percheron has existed in some form since ancient times.


A mule has a jack (male donkey) for a father and a mare (female horse) for a mother.